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Keep Your Garden Green and Vibrant with Our Mulching and Planting Services.

Are you struggling with keeping your garden healthy and well-maintained? We’ve got you covered.

Our gardening experts can transform your garden using organic mulch to restore soil nutrients by improving moisture, reducing weeds, and maintaining optimal soil temperatures. We use high-quality, fresh mulch to provide maximum nutrients for your garden.

Mulching is an eco-friendly, effective solution for improving the health and visual appeal of your garden by recycling your gardening waste and using it as a natural fertiliser. Our gardeners have the skills and expertise to determine your lawn’s mulching requirements, covering it with the right quantity to provide optimal results.

We assess your garden and recommend custom mulch to suit your soil, plants, and trees. This ensures your garden thrives all year round, protected from the cold in the winter and the heat in summer with mulch suited to your lawn’s needs.

What is Mulching?

Mulch is organic material collected from trees, bark, leaves, twigs, grass, and straw to improve soil structure and prevent erosion. Used to cover your garden, mulch is applied around trees and plants to add nutrients and moisture.

Tree mulch is prepared by processing wood through a chipping machine and grinding it to a fine finish. Other materials can be ground or cut into fine clippings to produce the desired consistency and nutrients.

Benefits of Mulching

Tree Mulching Services

We offer a complete range of garden maintenance Camden services, from tree planting and mulching to planting and