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Bespoke Rural Property Maintenance for Healthy and Productive Pastures and Livestock.

Are you struggling to maintain your rural property’s pastures and paddocks?

Rural property maintenance is a time-consuming and labour-intensive job with a constant stream of responsibilities such as grass slashing, acreage mowing, raking, and boom spraying for healthy crops. Livestock enclosures must be cared for with daily cleaning, weed management, fertiliser application, and topping to maintain the quality of their feed.

At DBY, our rural contractors are always available to help keep your property looking great and your acreage in top-notch condition. We work with you to formulate custom maintenance plans and care packages that address all your maintenance needs. Whether it’s tractor slashing for overgrown and dead grass or paddock maintenance for your animals, our trained professionals guarantee quality service on every job.

Our background in horticulture and experience in agricultural land maintenance has equipped us with the skills to provide custom care for your lands, from private hobby farms to large rural residences and agricultural properties. If your property ranges between 5 and 100 acres, get in touch with us for a complete range of rural property care services.

We’ll begin with an onsite consultation and recommend the best services for you. Or if you need specific areas looked after or specialised services to restore fields, paddocks, or plants, we’ll get started on it without delay.

We’re a full-service property maintenance company with a qualified team of agricultural and gardening experts dedicated to providing the best care to your grounds and acreage. We’re here to help with personalised service, high-tech equipment, and the latest technology and techniques for a fertile and thriving land.

Rural Property Maintenance Services

Tractor Slashing and Mowing

Maintaining large acreage fields and lawns can be difficult without the right equipment and expertise. Overgrown grass is a haven for rodents, snakes, and pests. Weeds can spread if left unchecked and affect the health of the field, leading to dry grass that becomes a fire hazard in the bushfire season.

We can help you maintain your rural property acreage with mowing and grass slashing services for a clean and uniform finish. Our powerful machinery can easily navigate steep slopes and tight areas, cutting through even the toughest pastures. We clear scrub, dead grass, and vegetation from property lines, keeping it manageable. Our tractors and mowers are suitable for efficiently slashing and clearing large and dense areas using heavy-duty attachments for tight, enclosed spaces.

Grass slashing helps control weeds, removes unwanted vegetation, and boosts the recovery of thinner and bald spots with clean, well-kept lawns and fields.

Boom Spraying and Weeding Services

Application of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides protect your lawn, plants, and crops from diseases and pests. It ensures that your field produces high-quality crops and your grass is clear of unwanted fungus and plants.

We provide boom spray services for your rural property lawns, pasture, and paddocks using a variety of nozzles and attachments for an even and precise application. From boom sprayers for larger areas to vehicles and turbo spray guns for smaller ones, we cover every square metre. With weed management programs for established properties or people with hobby farms.

Fertiliser Spreading